When I try to post a reply on the MT forums, I seem to be getting either a "service denied" error message or my replies seem to land in some sort of limbo where the post is listed in my profile activity but doesn't actually show up on the forums.

It seems to just be happening when I reply to a post, not when I start a new forum topic.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any thoughts on a work around?




Edit 2/23/13 4:28pm:   @MattPalmer - I've been having the problem for about a week. Thought it was a temporary glitch, but proven wrong. If this shows up I can post start new forum posts, edit my own messages, but not reply to my posts or to others.

Edit 2/23/13 8:01pm:   @MattPalmer -Thanks - I've already emailed customerservice - yesterday I think. The problem unfortunately isn't solvable by a little house cleaning - I think it is account related -- occurs both when i post from home as well as the office (as best I recall). I also don't always get the "service denied" message, sometimes it does not get that far. Alternatively, twice when I did not the error message my reply showed up in  my profile, but not in the forum. 

If you happen to check in on this again or anyone else who reading this: Could you please take a look at my profile and tell me if you can see the following two replies under the "User Activity"? If so, when you click on them, do you see my reply message in the thread?

Thanks! Doris

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I just made another reply, and it seemed to work OK.  If you see this, then you can reasonably assume it's still working.  Might have been a temporary glitch that's now been fixed.

Edit: If it's been going on for a week, then it's something more specific to your end.  I'd suggest clearing your browser cache, cookies, and all that jazz, and if that doesn't solve the problem, e-mail [email protected] to let them know (I don't know how closely MT staff monitor these forums).

Edit2: I see those two entries in your activity, but they don't show up in the relevant topics.  Definitely something hinky going on in the MT website.

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Test....I'm trying to post from my office now on a PC using IE. Let's see if this works...


Edit: OK since it works here, I'm guessing it's a problem either with my Mac or my internet service provider. Though I could have sworn I tried posting from my office last week, with no luck.

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I may have spoken to soon. Now when I try to post a reply to another comment thread, I'm getting a error message that the comment field is empty (it was not).

Let's see if this comment is accepted.

Edit: Thanks Mat for your help with this! I'm still having sporadic problems, but atleast I've been able to post a couple of things today.

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At least one of your posts was "caught" by the anti-spam system (obviously, inappropriately so). I cleared it as spam and hopefully future posts won't fall into the same hole.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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 Thanks Mike,

That sounds right - in (not so) technical terms: the forums don't seem to "like" my comments. 

Thank you for clearing the spam. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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I too have seen that error. I'll type in the subject, then create a comment in the appropriate field only to get that error message. I"ve come to learn to watch for a comment field half the size that it should normally be.

In my case, when I get the error, it gives me a correctly formatted comment field and I'm able to post. (Using Firefox.) It's been happening off and on for about 3 weeks or so.