I am thinking of organizing an MT get together in the Greater Toronto Area. What have you done to make yours successful (beyond having Mark and Mike show up, that is!)

Was it just getting to meet face-to-face over a beer? Did you have an agenda? Was there some sort of formal learning component? Just curious.


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I'm curious about this as well, since I'm thinking about organizing one in the Philly area.

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Tom -- I am in the Philly area. Let me know if you want or need any help.

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[quote="drinkcoffee"]Tom -- I am in the Philly area. Let me know if you want or need any help.[/quote]

Thanks, I'll keep that in mind!

I had hoped to have some kind of agenda, though a side of me says the goal of the first one could be to meet each other and decide on a format for future ones. Any thoughts on that?

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Try bringing a list of your favorite MT casts. That will get some good discussions going in no time.

Better- talk about your experiences implementing MT practices. 8)

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hi Rich

Thanks. Great ideas!


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I'm sure this will sound silly, but why not AT LEAST do the introductory meeting Manager Tool, with the flip charts, or something like it? As much as I raise my eyebrows about it, the thing works like a charm, and if you've never done it, you'll know how afterwards.

Wish I could be at all of them!


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great idea Mark.

Also, feel free to post any ideas that have worked well for any MT meetups on my thread as well, its the chicago one.

Also, Mark I know you speak at Kellogg sometimes. Are any of those venues large enough I could see you speak?

I am going to visit their program sometime this year and would love to see you speak as well.

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I must have missed that cast on the introductory meeting with the flip charts. Which cast is it in please?


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Hey *RNTT,

It's the December 2005 registered members podcast.