Hi all! 

Am looking for suggested material to help manage performance of my managers. I have a combination of new managers with low commitment, tenured managers with low intellect and high performer In a new position. I'm looking to create an appropriate vehicle of accountability for all but particularly interested in managing negative performance. Any suggestions?



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It's OK to Be the Boss, by Bruce Tulgan.  Best book I've read this year. It helped me clarify exactly what I needed from each of my directs, and how to manage them to get it. 

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You're in the right place - I think that all you need to do is to apply some of the basics here.

I would guide you towards the following casts:

-Feedback model

-Preparing a performance review

-How to set annual goals

Of course if you're not already doing one-on-ones then start these first.

These casts will help you identify and set some metrics for performance and then provide regular performance guidance on performance.

It's as simple as making sure staff know what they have to do and following up to make sure they do it.

One item to note - you mention negative performance - a Manager Tools principal is that it is more effective to encourage positive behaviours - listen to the cast and you will know why.

In addition to the Manager Tools content you may wish to ensure their job descriptions appropriately reflect the goals you develop.