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I have been listening to career and management tools for the last two years. I have 12 years of experience as an adjuster and claims supervisor in the property and casualty industry (4 years as an adjuster and 8 years as a supervisor).
 My company is unique in that an adjuster handles claims generated by all the policies in their territory. Thus an adjuster will handle personal and business automobile (property and liability), commercial property, commercial liability, personal homeowners’ liability and property claims.  I can be on a roof in the morning and negotiating a bodily injury settlement with an attorney in the afternoon.  I am trying to take my career to the next level, but I have had a difficult time implementing the podcast ideas in my career and identifying the accomplishments to include on my resume.
How are claims adjusters and claims supervisor using the ideas given in the podcasts in their careers and what accomplishments are you using in your resumes?
Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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As a claim adjuster I can understand your question. First of all many of the podcasts are helpful I have found I just need to change them a little. For instance the podcast about how to decorate your desk was helpful and the note taking podcasts are two that come to mind (probably because I listened to them again within the past week or so). I have found the skip level casts helpful and the handshake and how to remember names podcast very helpful when meeting with clients or other people.


I continually struggle with my resume with using what Mike and Mark (and Wendii) have said about resumes. For my resume I have included items such as file quality, customer service and even settlement information. Most of the information I was able to get from reports but some of it includes items that I have located on my own. I use my annual reviews to find items that I am rated on and if I excel at it then I make sure that this is listed as an accomplishment. I hope this has given you some insight but if you want to exchange more ideas I would love to do that with you. I hope you have a great day..