Hello there, I noticed that people leave great posts here and certainly I have enjoyed the podcast.

I am a Chinese national and had my master from the US before I came to Europe to work. I have been apart from my hubby for a while and it is not easy. Recently I am looking for inter-company transfer to move back to the US and join my husband, hopefully everything will work out (esp. the visa thing).

I am doing marketing research for a pharma company and would like to move to marketing some time later. My eventual plan is to move back to Asia to head a marketing team there. (sounds like my standard answer to the interviews but I am honest with it) :oops:

The website is great and the forum seems to be effective here. Thank you! I could not believe I am so lag behind the technology - it takes a year for me to find out podcast although I have been used blog and youtube for a long time (and Google is more than $500 a share now, unblievable!)

Nice to meet the people here and I am sure that I will learn a lot from the podcast that Mike and Mark have put on the website, as well as from the people here.

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Welcome! We're glad you're with us and getting value from our work.

Please let us know when our topics/recommendations work or don't work in China.


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I do agree with Mark: having a multi cultural community is of GREAT value when you talk mainly about soft skills!