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I've been a podcast listener for quite a while, more than 18 months, but I've only recently started exploring the forums.

I currently manage the Systems Engineering Branch for the Space Telescope Science Institute, the home of the Hubble Space Telescope and future home of the James Webb Space Telescope. I have 12 direct reports, most of them maxtrixed to one or two system engineering teams. I also have two software engineers matrixed to me (part time) from other branches.

This is the third branch I've managed in the last four years as we've gone through some organizational changes. I was a team lead for two years before that, so I've been managing for six years. It's still a learning experience.

I live in suburban Maryland (Ellicott City) and work on the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus in Baltimore.

I'm not fully-MT-compliant, but I've found the podcasts incredibly helpful, and I look for opportunities to apply them. I really appreciate the work that goes into them!


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Welcome TC.
I like your blog (especially the tag line).

[quote]I'm not fully-MT-compliant, but I've found the podcasts incredibly helpful, and I look for opportunities to apply them.

Keep applying the MT lessons as often as possible and those opportunities will start jumping out at you.

Good to have you here.


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Hey Tom,

What a great blog! I have a bunch of friends who work in your industry, perhaps with you. Although I put Baltimore on my profile I'm in Westminster. I have really enjoyed the forums and the podcasts.



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I'm up in Westminster nearly every week. My daughter rides horses in New Windsor (with Pegi Longen) so I zip up to the Panera and read or surf with a cup of coffee and a pastry.

Hey, the Washington Meetup seems to be on the Virginia side -- perhaps we should organize a Baltimore/Towson/Hunt Valley/Linthicum/Columbia meetup?


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Sounds like a great idea. I get confused when I'm south of D.C. when it comes to directions. Doing something in the Baltimore area would be great!

Let me know when you're in Westminster again and I'll hang out @ Panera with you. I'll bring my laptop!



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A Maryland meetup sounds great. Although I pick Rosslyn as much for my conveniece for the DC area meetup, I live in Maryland, although just outside the DC beltway. I work in Falls Church, though so heading out Baltimore after work is a bit of a challenge.

PS, I use to work at NASA/GSFC and know the Space Telecope Science Instiute quite well. Welcome to the forums!