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Submitted by williamelledgepe on


My organization (of about 150) had a few people request an anonymous suggestion box lately. Is this a good idea?

It seems an excuse for someone to say anything without repercussion. I'm concerned about the anonymity. People say all kinds of hurtful things when they have no accountability. Then again, I can just filter the vindictive stuff. Am I wrong to be concerned or should I implement the suggestion box?

Related to potential root causes: My directs are doing O3s, I gather input about my skips regularly, and we have town halls a few times a year. I allow for anonymous written questions at the town halls that I read and answer. Most questions at my town halls are verbal. I'm not making use of skip level meetings; maybe that would help solve the underlying problem.

To me, the request for a suggestion box from a few is a sign of a lacking relationship or fear and I would be better served with a listening tour or investigating the health of my skips' O3s. Or maybe it's me and no one is willing to speak up (I don't think I'm that scary).