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Hi all,

My organization performs annual reviews based on date of hire. Currently, aprroximately half of the org has become a remote workforce, including me and my directs.  Is there any suggestions/guidance regarding how to deliver a performance review virtually? 

We have the capability to hold it in-person, but we are asked to keep the number of in-person meetings minimal, and I'm wondering what are the benefits/negatives to virtual vs in-person (especially if you have experience delivering a virtual review).

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Ideally you have met each person face-to-face prior to becoming a remote workforce. Any communication via technical means is easier when individuals have met in-person first...nevertheless reviews are best delivered face to face.

One negative (of course) when having an O3 or performance review include missing out on non-verbal cues...which can be mitigated via video. I had frequent video calls with colleagues throughout the company in one of my previous roles. Remarkably, voice tone and body language do come through when working with a remote coworker or direct and relationships can be built and maintained.

Follow guidance within "Delivering the Performance Review" and videoconferencing

*I* am personally very comfortable videoconferencing--however, that does not mean my direct reports have that same level of comfort. What means of communication best serves future performance of your directs?