I'm looking to improve how I do outward and upward communication for my teams.

I manage infrastructure teams and we're building tools to make life better. When I do periodic reviews with leadership and product team leaders I find they are often surprised by what we're working on. I do posts. I send emails. It doesn't seem to be effective. When I ask our VP what I should do to improve this, his feedback is "do posts and emails"

Are there any podcasts on this topic?

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Infrastructure... like computer networks and IT tools to make the production teams' lives better?

My advice is to find enthusiastic end users who tangibly benefit from what you're doing.  And stop spamming people with announcements about every little thing you're doing.

From a production team manager's perspective, the info I do notice usually bubbles up from enthusiastic directs who say "hey boss, have you tried this awesome new gizmo that IT rolled out!?  It saves me so much time and makes us look good in front of our clients!"

But I get little useful info from my support team leadership.  They send announcement emails about upgrades, patching, server migrations, etc.  I don't get past the subject line anymore.  I don't need 4 paragraphs about a Windows security patch that will be applied at 3am Sunday morning.  It doesn't (or shouldn't) impact me and my company's core mission.