I know... what in the world does a book about a sniper have to do with management.  As it turns out, quite a bit.  In the book, you are treated to the human experience in very real and sometimes (read the prologue) unforgiving choices.  I think that's what appealed to me about this book.  I didn't always agree with the author, but being able to understand the logic, and the thought behind each choice he discusses, was quite an eye opening experience for me.  While some of the choices and situations Chris is in are literally life and death, not all of them are.  How he faces the choices he does, how they bring him to his current state in life, is a reminder to us all, that in the end, EVERY choice has a consequence.  Never does that consequence touch JUST the decision maker.  And being able to understand that, accept that when you make that decision, is going to affect how you deal with people.