Hi - 

I've been using manager tools for a long time, and love the straight forward advice given by Mark & Mike - Thank you both for providing this online service.

Brief Intro: 

When I graduated university I set out with the intent to build a company in China, and when the time was right to sell the company and move back to the States.  That was 12 years ago, and after selling to my partner in China, I've just moved back to the States.


I am now seeking a role within a USA based fortune 500 company in business development or operations, preferably with a link to Asia to leverage previous experience and fluent Mandarin Chinese.


Having been in China working for local companies, and then later working as an entrepreneur building my company (a 15 person import export consulting company with warehouse space & and managing clients world wide), I am having difficulty with my job search.  

Having run a company, I was involved in all aspects of the operations - accounting, logistics, product development, legal, contracts and business development.  Well rounded business knowledge, but no specialty which many companies are looking for.

Is there anyone out there who has been in a similar position?  

Any thoughts on job search strategy?

Thanks in advance - Siri Khalsa

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Why limit yourself to Fortune 500 companies?

What is your passion? Focus your efforts there.

Don't overlook the nonprofit sector.

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Thanks Glennr for the response.  

The main reason for my focus on fortune 500 (or otherwise household name type multi nationals), is quite simply that i have no experience within such a large corporation.  

And i believe to be well rounded, one needs to work in many different environments to get the most out of their career.  I've worked at mom and pops, as an individual purchasing agent, and then entrepreneur - all in china. 

Now breaking into the corporate world back home (after having lived in china for 12 yrs) is proving difficult.  

Passions: i enjoy problem solving and tackling large scale problems - which is sort of how i ended up in china for 12 years.

dream job? working for a large consulting firm in a team working with M&A between US and Chinese companies...

So far from my investigations, my profile doesn't quite fit the booze, baine, bcg or mckenzies out there...but i'm still searching.

Any thoughts how to get there?


Siri Khalsa