Hi all,

I was listening to the High C Manager Downfall podcast (yet again), and I'm wondering if I really am making a mistake and looking for advice from others.  In the cast, MT says never, ever correct the ideas of the team members.  This seems to contradict with my responsibilities sometimes.  Let me explain.

As part of my role, I am sometimes a project manager, and at other times I'm the 6-sigma black belt advisor to a project team.

In the first role, it's my responsibility to ensure the project is on time, on scope and on budget so I have to ensure we do the right things and not spend time and resources on the wrong activities.  In the second role, my primary task is to offer up guidance on better ways to do things.

So, while I try and follow the path of .."Great idea. That will really be beneficial. Do that.  Thanks".  I find that I can only do that 90% of the time.

Of the remaining 10%, about 5% of the time I find myself feeling like I have to say "Great idea. That will really be beneficial. Do that.  Thanks.  AND we also need to consider xxxxxx. What are your thoughts on that?"

And the other 5% of the time, I find myself feeling like I have to say "Thanks for the great idea.  It is good to see you thinking about such things.  Another approach I've seen work elsewhere was xxxxxx. What are your thoughts on that?"

Is this just a case of the MT way only works 90% of the time? 

Or, how can I meet my responsibilities without correcting team members sometimes? 

Kind regards