Hi. I sort through the forums with questions, but now I have a story that might help someone! I like to tell people that this chooses for the hiring manager (or HR) whom to interview...

On 2/19/13 (or 19/2/13), I submitted my application to a certain company. I followed this two days later with a PAPER RESUME AND COVER LETTER in the mail. I was stalling for a reference letter.

On the third day, the HR contact I had mailed called me and said, "I've been doing this a long time, and I've never had someone send me a paper resume. You got my attention, and I'm setting up an interview with the hiring manager". On the fourth business day (2/25) is my interview, for an unposted job.

This has happened many times, but she is the first one to admit that the follow up made the difference. My thesis statement remains, always follow up on applications!