Hi everyone,

I started in my current company 3 months ago. I was hired as a specialist and my manager don't have any experience in this area. So basically, I can do whatever is needed in the company to make the outsourcing model a sucessfull model.

It's a good company, and my manager seems a nice person, the only "issue" is that almost never she talked to me. She almost does not reply not any of my email unless she's the only one in To line, and she does not give me any feedback about my performance during this my first quarter in the company. I guess she's happy with my performance as I assume that she would have already said something to me if that wouldn't be the case .. but not haveing o3, or regular conversation or even a questions about how's it going makes me wonder how should I approach the relationship.


Is there anything special I should do? I want to stay longer in this company .. I think somehow she does not tell me nothing as she does not feel expert in the subject I'm leading ... but at the same time for me not receiving answers, questions or thank you emails is weird ....



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As the guys would probably say... "There is a cast for that!" As a first instance, I would probably listen to "Boss One-on-Ones - Professional updates" and "Is your Boss a reader or a Listener?".

I suspect that your boss is possibly a High C, where because you are completing the tasks there is no reason to communicate. Ultimately though, if you are going to be sucessful you need to build a relationship with them. The Boss O3's will give you a chance to update your boss, ask questions and hopefully, over time they will begin to share more information with you.

The casts are excellent and provide a good start point.

One comment I would make, is that your boss is unlikely to reply to an email where they are in the cc: field. I would use this only for emails where your boss needs to know something, rather than where action is required. Hopefully the 'reader or listener' cast will help with what communication method is best for your boss.

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Thanks for the tip!

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Ultimately, she's the only one who can answer your questions. Do your best to get some face time with her. Then be transparent.

Questions you might ask (put into your own words):

  • How do you prefer me to communicate with you when I have a question?
  • How often do you want updates from me and in what form? How detailed?
  • When I email with others, what topics do you wish to be copied on?
  • I would like feedback from you on my performance. How would you prefer to give me that? How often?

Once again let me quote my favorite non-MT saying: "90% of all management problems are caused by miscommunication."