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 I recently began a new position with a company and the success of landing this job goes to Manager Tools.  I've been a member for many years and had the opportunity to put the guidance provided in the Interviewing series to work for me.

I'll mention up front that I did not close.  The reason for not closing was an experience I had about a year ago when interviewing with another company when I did close.  The hiring manger who interviewed me, when I closed responded, "[pause]...Well, thank you for that."  Admittingly, I don't know exactly what he meant by that, but my impression at the time was, not only wasn't he expecting it, but found it off-putting.  Having said that I would recommend using the close for others.

From resume creation, cover letter, follow-up phone calls and email, hand-written thank you notes, I used all the guidance and tools recommended.  I'm 100% confident it made all the difference in getting the offer.

I was interviewing for a director-level position in the healthcare industry for which I had zero experience.  Tailoring how I talked about my significant accomplishments and how they could transfer in healthcare was a challenge, but I think I did ok.  

I practiced my handshake, walking up to the interviewer when meeting them (a total of four interviews, with one being a panel interview with four interviewers, all executive-level company leaders), prepared for small talk and industry happenings.  The guidance on handling panel interviews was key.  The feedback I received after the panel interview was that my interview is what made me stand out from the other candidates, all of who were in the healthcare industry already and at the same level of the open position.  Preparing for the panel interview, finding who they were going to be and their role in the organization, all helped me relax and feel confident.  Which, based on their feedback, gave me the edge in that I could communicate at the executive level and I believe they could 'see' me working with them.

The most interesting thing came when I was offered the position.  As I mentioned, the open position was for a director.  When the hiring manager called me, she said they were making the position an Assistant VP role so they could offer me more money to ensure I would accept.  I was blown away!  In hindsight, I wonder if they thought through my interviews that I was making a lot more money than I was.  They never asked during the interviewing process what my salary was or my requirements. Needless to say, their offer was 15% more than I was making.  And taking the guidance on salary offers, I accepted and did not try to negotiate.  When I accepted, I told them that the opportunity and fit was more important than the money, which the hiring manager said she very much appreciated.

The guidance and tools work.  But you have to put them into practice.  I know I'm not the only one who has experienced success with these tools, but felt convicted to share my experience with others who may be in the same position I was.

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Great story.  Your preparation and focus on effective tools is an inspiration. 

Remember: credit goes to the player on the field.  


John Hack

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Now that is my favorite way to end a week long trip with two client days and two conferences.

And ALL the credit always goes to the one in the ring.

A humble thanks and a hearty well done,


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It doesn't get much better, Jim

If you get a chance, please share how things go in your 30-60-90 milestones.