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Loved the cast, especially as my husband and I are traveling for vacation tomorrow.  Used, picked our desired seats, checked in online, chose our seats, and KNOW they will be good ones. 


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You guys spoke of the Corporate preference file on the cast.  I found it extremely useful through the years to copy and paste the information in that file in an Outlook contact file (now transferred to a gmail contact) called TRAVEL INFO.  Within the notes field I keep all my frequent flier numbers, car rental discount codes, hotel club membership numbers, etc.  All of which have the reservation telephone number.  In a sense this contact file is a directory for traveling.   Since this info is sync'd to my pda it is readily available.  I can't tell you how many times that info has pulled me out of a jam through the years.

It's one thing to make changes to your travel plans from the hotel or office, but I've had quite a number of last second changes through the years sitting in an airport terminal for a variety of reasons.

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Our company has a corporate travel support hotline.  Having key numbers printed helped me greatly when a flight was cancelled while I was overseas.  The carrier told me it would be days before I could fly out, and having those numbers handy allowed me to get to the people who got me onto another airline, to an island, onto another flight, and then home.  

Don't trust the electronics; have hardcopy for some key contact info.   

John Hack

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I may have missed this when listening to the cast, but why is the aisle seat on the 3-side preferred over the aisle seat on the 2-side?


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Because nobody wants the middle seat.  You're much more likely to have the middle seat empty on a three side than have the window empty on a two side.  That means the seat next to you is empty.  That's good.  That's more room for you.   

Happened to me on a flight to Germany last week.  I could sleep more easily, and was ready for my meetings when I landed in Frankfurt.  

John Hack

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This is a great example of the sorts of things I find out in the MT forums. I would never have thought of that myself--Duh!

Thanks all!