I have an opportunity to apply for a similar position in a different agency just down the street from my present office. Aside from the application process which is open for me to submit my application, I also want to contact them to check them out.

I have been in my present position for 7 years. I am very dissatisfied with the management above me and up to the second level above me to the point where I feel I really need to make a change. I would bet that my dissatisfaction is known if not palpable to the boss. I am concerned about getting into another, similar situation but of course there are no guarantees and I would welcome at least some new things to be irritated about! (':roll:')

My thoughts are:

1. Just apply and wait to see if I get an interview and then an offer before checking into the new place to see what I can for myself before accepting it.

2. Making an appointment now to check the place out by saying I am interested in the opening and would like to talk about it.

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I think an informal chat with someone who works there would be the best first step. Find out if anyone in your network works there or knows someone who does and meet them for coffee or a drink sometime or keep an eye out at any trade shows or chamber of commerce events you attend for anyone you recognise as working there, go over and introduce your self. People tend to be less guarded in informal situations so you're more likely to get a good idea what it's really like and if you decide the agency isn't for you, by keeping it light and informal, you haven't burned any bridges.


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Dissatisfaction creates a focus on the departure, rather than the destination.

Make sure you know what you'd like to do, and the kind of company you'd like to work for. Research firms. Network. Get the interview series and practice practice practice.

Make your departure a side effect of your having a great destination.


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I really like that perspective, JHack