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I'm having trouble setting a measureable goal for one of my directs for improving his task management skills and I am looking for ideas.


I've just started coaching with some of my directs (having recently attended the UK MT London conference) and getting the goal setting right is proving difficult.  We've decided to improve this person's task management skills.  He is often forgetting to do tasks and needs reminding.  Also recently he has taken on team lead responsabilities (and shows a lot of potential), but tracking those tasks he should be reminding his team about is a potential problem area.

I don't want to just show him how I do things or offer advice.  I know what works for me may not work for him.

Maybe this is not coaching topic but it feels about right and the structured process will be benficial in any case.  For the moment we are not letting the lack of a measurable goal stop us, but I want to get the goal in place asap otherwise it will be difficult to measure success and when to stop.  Brainstorming resourcing and setting out a plan of small measurable steps is working well.


Has anyone done something similar they could share or have any (bright) ideas for a measurable goal?





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Why is it unmeasurable?

Goal: 0 missed tasks for 30 days.

All project or general tasks shall be sent to both you and I as tasks in Outlook.  As you get them done check them off as completed.  If I have to remind you, the task has slipped.

Of course, you need to get your direct to come up with this brilliant plan but nonetheless there it is.