I just received an invitation to meet the CEO of our company. He is a nationally-recognized figure and just couldn't be a bigger person to me to meet, other than the President. The kind of guy who is regularly on the covers of magazines.
He will be accompanied by two of the leaders of key lines of business, both of whom I had reported under, but no longer do.

I couldn't be more thrilled, and for various reasons. Of course. meeting him will be thrilling. In addition, I am afraid of a mis-step.

The meeting is being billed as a 'casual, intimatebreakfast gathering for top performers.'

Any advice? 

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Hi Jenno,

Since you will meet him at a breakfast, I recommend that you listen to the podcast below, you never know, you may very well be sitting next to him or her. Also consider your Company's protocols regarding dress, etc. You do not want to stand out for the wrong reasons. If many other top performers will be there, make use of the networking opportunities by also meeting as many people as possible.


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 Congratulations!  If you are there is because you have already proven yourself worthy of being there.  And be sure they are as much interested in you as you are in them!  He may be on the magazines but finding and retaining good people is a real issue nowadays.  Really, it is such an exiting opportunity for you that my guess is if you try anything else than just being yourself that is when you may mis-step.  I do agree with the advice, just be yourself, be genuine, and enjoy the opportunity.

You should´t try to be somebody else or to impress, but you can try to fit your communication style slightly to his communication style.  I would though try to find out what his style of communications is or observe him at the beginning of the meeting.  Definitely run a disk profile for yourself and see where you fit in and listen to the podcast on the corresponding style, not to change, but to minimise something you may tend to overdue accordingly.  Say for example you are an I and use too big gestures and talk to loud and you figure out he is a C you may want to minimise that.  Or you are a C and tend to give too much details and he is a D want to go straight to the point, focus on resuming staff you may want to say and then go into details if he does ask.

I think if you go into the meeting with the spirit of enjoying the meeting itself, the opportunity you have and the insight you can get from this experience rather than trying to impress for something that could come out of it for the future you will both feel less anxious and perhaps as a result do better at impressing too.