Dear All, I hope someone can give me good advise on this.My situation is that I joined in a company last year and deputed to work in client site,the situation there is not fair for me to continue.I have the necessary skills and I worked well there.But I was treated very badly.I tried my best to hold on to the job.But it went out of control and I had to quit 4 months back. Before this job I worked in a mid-size company for 3 years,It was closed due to lack of funds last year. Now,My challenge is that when I take an interview ,I was asked to explain the reason for quitting my last job.My job profile requires me to work in client site most of the time.So I really don't like to explain the unpleasent things that leads to qutting my job,as this would leads the interviewer to think of other candidates. I feel its a negative remark to explain problems happened in client site that leads me to quit. can anyone suggest me on how can I answer/explain the reason for quitting the job in a positive way? Thanks for your feedback!

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I wouldn't tell a long story.. they'll ask for further information if they really want it.

I would work out in one honest sentence why you left ie: "I didn't like the working conditions at the client site" or " I didn't have a good relationship with client I was assigned to, it was a bad fit"

Then follow it with something you learnt from the experience.

eg: "I didn't like the working conditions at the client site, and I learnt that i would have to understand a posting more thoroughly before accepting next time"

or maybe something more specific "I didn't have a good relationship with the client I was assigned to. It was a remote mining town where sport was important, and on reflection if I made more of an effort to be involved in the football club the relationship would have been easier".

Once you've said your piece stop. They may be silent and wait for you to spill more.. but wait for a question.. or them moving on.


Don't focus on them, focus on yourself and what you have learnt from it. Not many people like to hear you complain about a previous employer/client. Also, be honest and to the point.



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The other thing I'd add, is practice. It takes practice to say the words clearly without stumbling and without being emotional about them.

Practice with a friend or significant other, until you can say it with only positive emotion in your voice.