Have a high D report who has basically pissed off all of his subordinates. Long story short, I am going to initiate one on ones with him on a weekly basis with an initial emphasis on interpersonal skills. I think his biggest issue based on some feedback is that he rules by fear, and the message he sends is "I can control you and I will use that control in negative ways if you cross me". He claims to not understand this, but I think this is why he is not trusted. First, I'd to assign reading materials that we both can read that discusses this issue. Second, I'm racking my brain for metrics we can use to measure his success. Any ideas?

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Regardless about how his directs characterize his behavior towards them  ( i.e. "through fear" ) 
- it would be better to frame the discussion as a matter of communication style.

Perhaps if he learns more about proper and effective business communication it will soften his edges.   ... and send the right message.

You may wish to listen to the latest Career Tools Podcast.

There is a book in there that sounds like it might fit the bill.

Wendi & Mark  recommended a Book called 
"People Smart : powerful techniques..."
by Tony Allessandra
It's about communicating in business and uses DISC.
That might be a good start.


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Let's proceed on the always dangerous assumption that he's willing to change his behavior right off the bat. If so, another book would be the granddaddy of them all, "How To Win Friends & Influence People," by Dale Carnegie.

Or better, he should sign up and take the human relations course. It's not inexpensive, but it's a great investment and I believe all managers should take it. (Full disclosure, I took it and taught it back in the 80's.) You can find  more info at