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I am wondering to what degree do I need to keep my true identity here hidden? For example, do I want my co-workers, managers and directs to know who I am in this community? If they know my online ID here, and if they are using these boards too, they will be able to see all of my posts and know it was me, wouldn't they?

-- I almost started on the story before asking the advice question, until I remembered the asking for advice cast, BLUF.

I've been listening to the casts for a while now and am very impressed with the content and quality. I have been able to use many of these tools to improve my professionalism as well as in help with my recent promotion to manager.

I am constantly telling others that I work with, as well as family and friends, that I am using the manager tools / career tools podcasts to make these improvements, and yes, people at work are noticing by my actions and behavior. It is a great feeling.

That said, I am also wanting to participate more on these forums for building my network and seeking advice. What I think I want to avoid is having others know my true identity and therefore lose my ability to have candid conversations here about problems at work, with co-workers, etc.

Any guidance on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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...for when you ask questions in the forums specific to your place of work. Change the names (of course) too and generalize where you can.

When you step up to an individual license (which I highly recommend) you have an opportunity to submit questions directly to Mark, Mike, and Wendii. If your questions make the cut then they (and other questions) are answered during a conference call with other licensees.

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Thank you for the advice.

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Hi All:  I have been assigned a high potential initative for this calendar year.  I have a few questions for the forum:

1.  How do you define high potential?

2.  How do you identify high potentials e.g. talent reviews, performance reviews or a combination of data sources?

3.  Do you have a formal development program that a group of high potentials attend or is the development focused on that individual and next rolethey are being developed for?

4.  What type of processes or governance have you put in tplace to follow up on the development activity?