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Am I off-base asking my admin support to be in my staff meeting and send out notes? 

For context, I am a Senior Manager reporting to a Director at a Fortune 100 company with five managers reporting to me and 45 salaried staff reporting to my managers.

I took my current position recently and had on open admin position on my staff. Unfortunately, not long after I started, the person who hired me left for another opportunity.  My department was reassigned to another department and one of the first things my new boss did was give my open admin position to another person on their team.  My new boss said I could use their admin if I needed anything. 

I have a long list of things I was planning to have my admin support to include my calendar and email (MT Casts).  At first I held off utilizing the admin because it did not feel right.  Then I started to think if I am ever going to justify having an admin I need to demonstrate I need one and know how to leverage one.  I recently started working with my bosses admin as offered.  There have been several occasions where my boss has told the admin not to do something I have requested and both occasions were related to taking notes during meetings. 

Most recently, I have asked the admin to attend my staff meeting.  I want the admin to be there so they can better understand what the team does, how we work, our priorities as well as send out the notes from the meeting.  I run my staff meeting weekly per the MT recommendations.  My boss sent me a note saying he did not want the admin doing this because it is not what she is there for.

Am I offbase asking the admin to be in my staff meeting and send out notes?  I think this is an administrative task which is value added for my entire team and enable the admin to better do their job supporting me and my team.

I am preparing my talking points for when I meet with my boss to discuss this topic.

Appreciate any thoughts.