Admin seeking examples of how other managers utilize — or wish they could utilize — their admins.

  • What qualities do you think an admin should have?
  • What one thing could your admin do every day to make your work day more efficient?
  • What do you do right now that you wish your admin could do for you?

Hello fellow Manager Tools friends! I am an administrative assistant at an agency which is in its 7th year of record growth (and scaling) who is seeking ways to help further assist the executives and managers.

Utilizing admins is new to the managers and executives at my organization, and I would like to have examples of how other managers utilize — or wish they could utilize — their admins.  I have a few questions listed above to kick-off the process. I can't wait to compile a list and see how I can continue to help assist the execs and managers!



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Admins need an astounding attention to detail, and the ability to ask execs/managers for clarification even if the exec is a brusque high-D (DiSC).

Five-minute 'stand-up' meeting at the beginning of the day to ensure we're on the same page regarding the day's activities.

The last question I'd invert, and ask every admin: what is it I'm doing that you want to yell 'I can and should be doing THAT!'? (I've done this.)

Have you heard the 2006 Efficient Admin and Effective Executives podcasts, and the podcast about admins and email? The podcast about travel/trip folders? All great places to start.

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Great admins make their bosses' jobs easier.  This could apply in many ways.  I'll give you a couple of specifics that I look for...

  • Take care of any routine, recurring things that take up my time.  I use my admin to check to make sure schedules are done in the 11 departments I manage.  She also checks to make sure reports have been completed by their due date, as well as any required training that needs to be done.  Also, I have specific things I send certificates for every month-- she handles all of those items, looking at who qualified for recognition, preparing the certificate and having it on my desk for signature.
  • My admin has access to my Outlook inbox, my calendar and my voicemail.  She schedules all interviews, meetings, conference calls, etc. on my Outlook calendar.  She also keeps an eye on my email through the day (I only read my email a couple of times each day), letting me know of anything urgent I need to address.
  • She keeps me abreast of any deadlines I need to be aware of (i.e. reports due to my boss, meetings I am supposed to attend, etc.)
  • If I do a roll-call, she joins the conference calls I host to ensure all parties have joined.
  • When monthly reports are published, she is great about printing them and having them in the appropriate binders/files very quickly.
  • She checks my voicemail and screens my calls.  She is great about handling any customer issues before they reach me if at all possible.

These are just a few of the things that she does.  Basically, she makes my life easier so I can focus on the bigger responsibilities I have (coaching, developing, performance management, training, etc.).


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