Just wanted to share some positive results based off the recent "Acting on Negative Performance Communication" podcast. I have been in a pretty sticky situation with my boss recently (arguably some ineffective choices/behaviors on both of our parts) which resulted in an "informal," written negative performace communication. I have been really struggling lately because my boss' perception was that I "wasn't taking feedback seriously" (as far as I can tell, boss is a high "S", high "I", I am a high "S", high "D"), despite my demonstrable effort to be more effective.

First, the cast was really helpful in getting over what I perceived to be an "unfair judgement" by my boss (the fact was my boss's perception is all that matters in this situation). Second, I wanted to say that the formal note I crafted for my boss based on the feedback in the cast ended up being very effective! I met with my boss this morning after sending the note last night, and she said she was "very appreciative" for it, felt like this was exactly the kind of response she was looking for, and thought we were in a very good place to move forward.

Although I know from the cast that I will still have to make the behavioral changes my boss expects and put in a lot more effort moving forward, I hope this note encourages others in a similar situation to write the response even if you don't think much will come of it - I certainly wasn't expecting the positive response after listening to the cast. Can't hurt to try it at this point!