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I started a brand new job, ready to go, listened to the podcasts and have been a student of MT for awhile. I thought I had this in the bag!

Fast forward to my first day on the job. My boss announces his resignation as he introduces me to my team. He also tells me that I will be picking up two more directs who previously reported to another division, that one of them has been fired and her last day is in 2 weeks. He tells me to learn all I can from her so I can take on her role (in which I have zero experience) in addition to management of my directs.

I am learning as much as fast as I can, my team and peers are fantastic. I am so overwhelmed and inundated with requests I don't know which way is up. I'm not even sure who I report to right now.

Any advice on how to prioritize in the midst of a corporate upheaval?