I lead a small team of people in our technology group.  We have been working through a project to bring in new technology for the organization which will be directly implemented and managed by my team.

While working through this project, I have struggled to understand the resouce requirements that will be needed to effectively manage it.  We have talked with our vendors, resellers and peers to try and answer this question but I'm not having any luck quantifying.

So my first problem is, what methods have others used to determine resource requirements to manage a new process? 

My second problem, and what seems the bigger of the two is determining how to determine my current resources; either as a reportable metric or basic level of understanding.  We meet weekly, discuss tasks, projects and support.  However without asking my directs to document each hour of thier day I can't think of other methods to document their labor.

Does anyone have resources or other methods to deal with these issues?