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What's the best and most neutral way to word my accomplishment of taking on someone's job after they were fired?  

I suppose I saved $40k (his salary).  I learned and did his more senior responsibilities plus my original responsibilities for a year before I was officially promoted so I want to include it as an accomplishment in my first position at the company.  I also performed much better than he did which I go into in other accomplishments.


Thanks everyone.

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 By creating your resume in the Manager Tools style you'll have an entry for the original position and an entry for this new position along with a paragraph of prose about your responsibilities in the role..  That's all you need.  It demonstrates advancement.


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If I understand correctly, you want to point out the additional accomplishments in the first entry (your original position). Keep it to the actual accomplishments or quantifiable results, not "• Took over manager's responsibilities while still doing my job" or anything along those lines. The dissonance between the job title and what you delivered, along with the next position (a promotion) with similar results delivered will tell the story you want to communicate.

Scott Delinger

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