Since I am hoping to interview in a couple of weeks, I am creating my 3x5 cards as described in the interview series podcast and videos. I am having a difficult time knowing whether I am doing it correctly. Am I going down the right track with the accomplishment and the sub-bullet details (see paragraph below) I added to the card? Also, what skills or traits or characteristics or abilities does this accomplishment prove about me?

Accomplishment: Increased efficiency of processing general ledger reclasses of expenditures and revenues from 30 minutes to 5 minutes using Excel VBA.
Sub-bullet details: Determined best case scenario for how the program would work, determined that all reclass submissions be in Excel, researched VBA code & formulas, and collaborate with colleague for some feedback on and assistance with the Excel program.


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I strted about that time, too. That's pretty much how I'm doing it. Remember, those cards are only for your eyes, so they need to contain the details that would remind you fo the details or high notes of that accomplishment. It's when you start prepping for the interview and link the traits/ abilities to the accomplishment that you add the color that fills in the details. 

To add accomplishments, characteristics, or abilities, I just reviewed a few job descriptions. I identified some common threads and wrote them down on another doc, and when I was writing my cards, I looked at that list. I definitely had some different ones as well, but that started me on the right track. That way, I know what skills hiring managers are looking for in my role and can really easily pull the stack when looking at any given job description.