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 I am a manager of five people.  Recently during leadership training program we had a 360 survey filled out.  I had great feedback and the few comments on how I could be of more efficient leader was being more vocal and communication is sometime unclear (verbal).   Just some background is I tend to be more introverted and on the quieter side (High S and C).  I have come along way already but I do stumble on my words on occasion. I think it is because I was extremely shy growing up.  I wouldn’t call it stuttering it’s more that I can’t find the right words or that can’t articulate very well.  I know what I want to say it just doesn’t seem to come out right.  Has anyone ever coached anyone on this?  Or coached yourself?  I am already in Toastmasters but looking for tips/tricks/suggestions.  Also in meetings among a new group or a subject I don’t know much about I tend to be on the quiet side.  I plan on using coaching model to become more vocal, assertive and be able to articulate myself clearly.  Any suggestions?



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Hi krhp,

Good to see you reaching out rather than hiding as us invoverts sometimes want to do!

I have found that sometimes I stumbled on responses, generally when I wasn't 100% across an issue or when a meeting became tense. To manage this I did three things which I found helped a lot:

1) Brainstorm potential questions that will come up and have answers that can be tailored.

2) Get back to them once you've been able to collect your thoughts. Some words around this may be " I'd love to give you an answer right now however I don't have all the information on me right now to give a complete answer. I'll get back to you by xyz time" This buys you time to either find the answer or let them know it is more complicated that it originally seemed but that you haven't forgotten.

3) Learn and know your stuff. Know the goasl, know your product, know their problems. Learn, Learn, Learn. Note, note, note. The quicker you can get across the things you need to know in your role, the easier it will be to build rapport in your team as they will be confident in your decisions.

Would love to know how you go!

Diana from Construct a Leader.