My first interview with the sales VP was 90 minutes by phone.  He had me meet a peer of mine in the field who gave me high marks, and now I've got a 90 minute call again with the hiring manager.

I've got a bit of research work to do this weekend, but I'm beginning to get anxious about the meeting.  Would the manager look to validate the content I shared in our first meeting and what was passed along to him by the would-be peer?  Should I be prepared to discuss specifics on how I would approach the position, and basically what a 30/60/90 day plan would look like?  Should I close?  (What kind of question is that, especially coming from a sales guy?)

Any thoughts on an approach, expectations, preparation for the meeting is appreciated.  I'm thinking that the more prep on company, competitors, market, and how my specific experiences would apply will ease my anxieties.

Thanks so much,