BLUF: Should I wear the same suit to a second interview where the participants from the first will be in attendance or wear a different suit?

I have just received confirmation for a second interview with a company.  During my first interview I wore my blue suit, white shirt and red tie as per Mark's guidelines.

My second interview is with the same people as the first, plus a third party who was not at the first interview (first had the company president/owner and office manager).  Would it be okay to wear the same suit to the second interview or should I wear a different one.

I only have 1 dark blue suit, my second is a light green. My current office is pretty casual so I mainly wear Dockers and a golf style shirt. 





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Dark blue suit and white shirt is common enough (and people wear the same suit regularly in rotation anyway) that re-using it won't look like you've only got one outfit.  I'd change the tie though, for two reasons: first, I think a red tie on a white shirt looks like someone slit your throat, and secondly it'll be noteworthy enough to possibly stick in people's minds.  Another nice tie shouldn't break the bank in most circumstances (and at worst, you could probably borrow a nice tie from a good friend).

On a separate tangent... light green suit?  Save that for St Patrick's day.