BLUFF: I found the career tools casts 2 years ago and revamped both my CV and my approach towards work as i started collecting "bullets" for my CV. Now i finally got a job i wouldn't have imagined getting 2 years ago.


Live in Sweden and am of african decent. My parents came here as immigrants and basically only hoped i would graduate high school. I somehow started university and finished a B.Sc. in business admin.

When i was starting my last year of uni i got an opportunity to work as a entry level billing admin as a consultant and 2 months later i started working there permanently. This wasn't an easy decision considering i still had 1 year of uni to finish while working full time. I basically worked 8 hours and then studied 4 hours every day and on weekends. I finished of school and found the career tools cast by chance. Since then i have revamped my CV by adding accomplishments and the response has definitely been better but he best part is that my approach towards work changed so that i started delivering accomplishments in a more deliberate way. I applied for a position as a revenue controller and unfortunately i did not get an offer but i did get an opportunity to work for the revenue team on a work exchange program and my mindset was that it would be a great opportunity to collect accomplishments and get good references. At the end of the program a position opened up as a pricing and product specialist (basically a analyst) and i applied realizing the competition would be tough.

These last couple of days of euphoria since i accepted i have been thinking how lucky i am but after reading the quotes thread it struck me that it wasn't luck because there were many applicants for the position.

"Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity"

This was a career changing opportunity and because i found the manager tools and career tools casts 2 years ago, i was prepared.

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 Best of luck with your new job :)