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Just finished my first true O3's with two of my three directs today!  Third was cancelled due to illness but thanks to everyone here (especially the MT/CT team) in giving me the tools to accomplish this big step.  Actually used the 'puppy dogs and rainbows' line from Mark to relax one of the directs and let him truly know the intent of this vital meeting.

Also, started with another direct who just looked at the ground, listed work tasks, and said he's not much of a talker and didn't know what I wanted here.  Well, thanks to the email and personal rollout announcements I helped him understand pretty quickly that it's about him and whatever he wants to talk about.  He then talked about stuff for the next 20 minutes!

Thanks to everyone for helping me focus my energy in the right direction.  I've seen my new section produce some great things over the past couple months and am very glad to start O3's with them.  I've already scheduled times on our least busy day which also allows the flexibility to reschedule at any time during the week.

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Sounds like you've had a great start.  Keep up the dedication over the coming weeks, and you'll be well on your way to a more effective managerial future.

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Do keep in mind Horstman's Law #11

Master The Rules (O3s). THEN Break Them.  (in that order) 

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Thanks for the reminder.  I've never made it far in anything when I haven't built a good foundation.  Always relevant.  Reminds me to revisit the laws.  Thanks for the comments.