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Loved the Part 1 podcast on MT Data and looking forward to next week's Part 2.

I skimmed my shownotes and full disclosure I may have missed and if so apologies.  But what exactly are the "...15 management behaviors that correlated positively with results and retention.)

Since I am involved in leadership development programs for new managers AND we use "The Effective Manager" in our initial program (and refer these new managers to the MT podcasts), I would love to demonstrate that attention to the Management Trinity will provide the 75% (or more) results rather than focusing on the other 11.  Oh, and I skimmed my copy of "The Effective Manager" but didn't see a list but again may have missed it.

Thanks for the great work you do.

Ed Nottingham

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Continuing to enjoy the series on MT Data (parts 2 and 3).

Would love a response to my post and the list of 15 management behaviors that correlate positive with results and retention.

Ed Nottingham

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Ed - Here you go:


1.       Know your people

2.       Talk about performance

3.       Recognition

4.       Ask for more

5.       Push work down

6.       Hiring

7.       Work direction

8.       Organizational Communication

9.       Organizational Coordination

10.       Open to ideas 

11.       Clear Vision/guidance

12.       Career Development

13.       Decision Making

14.       Task Expertise

15.       Administration

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Could we please get a source for that info? I'd love to dive into a book or a journal article which explains where this research came from.

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Mark, thanks so much.  Appreciate you and all the fantastic work MT does!  


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Have one-on-ones been proven effective in an appointment based healthcare provider setting? 

A half hour a week is 1.4% less time for appointments. Could it improve the efficiency of the other hours enough for productivity to increase by 5 to 10%? I think so. Does anyone have a story to help me convince my organization?