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I am about to give a 12 month review for one of my technical directs. Part of this review will include a list of key areas of their job and my ratings from 1 to 5 of their performance.

As part of the review process I give people a take home document one week prior seeking their feedback on a variety of topics.

My questions is whether it is worth getting my directs to self-rate (in this take-home) using the same criteria I will be using as part of the review?

To give you some background - I am very new to Manager Tools and as of yet my directs are not benefiting from one-on-ones and the like (about to be rectified). As such the performance review will include a lot of feedback they are hearing for the first time.

BTW - really enjoying and valuing the podcasts - keep up the amazing work.

David (Sydney, Australia)

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I think there is great value in getting your reports to provide you input from themselves on their performance for the year.

As a matrix'd manager who reports my teams performance to their line manager, it is very helpful. My input is not in form/ranking format but is in a narrative written descriptive format.

Good luck!


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My apologies for my delay.

Please do listen to our four part series on reviews, which spells this out in excruciating detail. ;-)

Again, I regret my absence.