Hopefully, all MT'ers are cleaning up their resumes on a regular basis.  For those of you who are a bit behind, here are some tips from Forbes to help move you along. #in

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The one thing that jumped out at me in that story was all the "I"s -- I have always understood it's best if you reduce/remove those from both cover letters and  resumes.

I get resumes with these lists of buzz words all the time--students (and sometimes more experienced people) mistake having the words for actual evidence of the skills.

All time favorite skills bullet point on a resume I got:

"Able to type stuff really fast on a computer."


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You almost want to interview someone like that to see who would actually say that...


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  • Achieved 30% cost reduction
  • Directed a team of 50 individuals, etc etc
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Those phrases remind me of everything everyone puts in the totally worthless qualifications section at the top of the page.

Here's how it reads when I see it:

blah blah blah, blah de blah de blah.

Thanks for sharing!