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Hello all,

Since I'm going to be heading up to the Chicago conference, thought I should post up the quick bio.

I'm Lou Skriba. eshots, an interactive event marketing company in downtown Chicago, has been my bread and butter for the past 6 years. If you ever go to an auto show, state fair or sporting event around the US and see a Fortune 500 company taking free photos of their consumers or utilizing computerized data collection, you'll run into us. We focus on using technology to activate our client's promotions, giving them a deeper relationship with their consumers and the data from their marketing efforts.

I am the Senior Architect in the company, overseeing all of the application architecture from our R&D and Production developers. I have a couple more hats on my head like IT manager and Client Support Manager. In the past, I've had to juggle teams of 10 or more, but currently my direct report plate is light with only one direct in the IT department. (That just means more managerial love for him.) Before this position, I cut my teeth on the programming life for 5 years at the now defunct Geneer, the best, defunct custom software development house in the Chicago area.

Outside of the workplace, I teach Genbukan Ninpo at the Fujin Dojo in Chicago and help out the local young adult ministry at my church. To get my mind off things, I'll tear through novels, play my Wii or ride my motorcycle around town, Chicago weather permitting.

For those of you that care about the hard data, I'm an iCD or Di at work, depending on mood and what my hat needs to be at the time.

Lou :)

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Welcome aboard Lou. I attended the conference last year in San Antonio. It was great. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself.

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Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago, Lou!

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Welcome, Lou.

A good manager keeps many hats in the office. Just make sure they don't blow off in the Chicago wind. :)

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Great to have you here! Awesome description on what you do!