Do you recommend doing one on ones with a summer intern? They will be around for a couple of months, they report to me but most of their work is being directed by one of my directs.

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If you're direct is capable, have them do the one-on-ones.  A good way to for both the intern and your direct to learn in a safe environment.

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Good thought. She would be capable, but they are really working side by side in a setting where they are chit chatting while doing manual work, so I am not sure about that they need a one on one in the same way. 

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Sounds like a great opportunity to develop your direct, have him/her step up to great responsibilities.


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I second the comments about using this as an opportunity for your direct to learn about doing O3s.  I am in the middle of this very same thing and my direct is making a huge step toward becoming a permanent supervisor - both in skill and confidence.  

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Thanks, I went with the consensus and I am not regretting this decision.