Part 1 of our guidance on educating your directs on performance reviews early.

The first time new employees see performance reviews is when they're getting their first one. This is dumb. Do it early - what you would have liked when you were new.

Imagine getting your first performance review as a new employee in an organization, at whatever level. How effective are you going to be throughout the evaluation process if you've never seen the review form or had the process explained to you? The answer's easy, right? Not very.

So what's the solution? Add this miss to your Delta File. Don't do this to your new directs - brief them on your firm's eval process, the form, and its vagaries.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Can I teach my team about performance reviews in advance?
  • Should I go over performance reviews with new directs?
  • How can I brief my new directs on how they'll be evaluated?

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