Our Hall Of Fame guidance on how to start setting annual goals, and why we do not like "SMART" goals.

Many managers are going through goal setting efforts right now. We get lots of questions about goals, and goal setting, this time of year. Sometimes, they're dispiriting. Managers seem to spend an awful lot of time word-smithing their intent into corporate frameworks. All that time would be FAR better spent thinking about the goals themselves, and how the achievement of those goals will help the organization.

A lot of managers have to create goals that are "SMART", and we don't recommend your doing so unless you have to. We dislike them SO much we almost called this cast, "SMART Goals are Stupid." (We REALLY don't like them). In fact, we spend a good bit of time in our introduction talking about SMART goals, so beware. The fact that the technique is so widespread and so often ineffective causes us to want to address it fully.

And hey, who would have thought that our answer would be "MT Goals"?


This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What are MT goals?
  • How should I plan my annual goals?
  • How do I measure my achievements?

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