Part 2 of our guidance on packing for a business trip.

For years pundits predicted that technology like Zoom and TEAMS would lead to the decline and eventual death of business travel. Which of course hasn't happened. We're human, and humans do better with face to face connections. In person meetings are best to ensure a complex project does well. Technology has led to the globalization of business, and that has INCREASED the need for getting on an airplane.

And getting on an airplane means packing a bag. Based on what we have seen on travel, some people are still trying to figure it out.

How easy is it? Kate regularly travels for three weeks in one carry-on bag. Once from Bangkok to Idaho Falls! Our founder Mark once did a 23 day, 5 country trip without checking a bag! Sarah is leaving in just 2 days for a 24 day trip making stops in San Francisco, Barcelona, London, rural Scotland and northern Canada, all with one suitcase that can fit overhead.

Even if you are a female traveler, you can do it. We have SIX initial recommendations.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What should I pack when I'm going on a business trip?
  • How do I make what I need fit into one suitcase?
  • How do I stop my clothes getting wrinkled when packing?

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