Our guidance on Career Guidance Meetings.

We have guidance on informational interviews. Career guidance meetings are similar, but different in that a) they're almost exclusively appropriate for people about to finish schooling, and b) you're not asking for information, but guidance. (You might have guessed that from the name :-) ).

Information is facts about a situation - all of the facts have the same weight. Someone who is giving you guidance is advising you in which direction to move - they give weight to some parts of the information, and not others. They have skin in the game. As guidance-givers, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard, because the person we're guiding is going to take action on the guidance we give them.

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  • What Is A Career Guidance Meeting?
  • Why Would I Have A Career Guidance Meeting?
  • How Should I Prepare For A Career Guidance Meeting?

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