In this guidance, we tell you how regard other's intentions and motivations.

When we first meet a new human being, we spend our time trying to categorize them.  Once we have them in a category, our brain can shortcut relating with them by using lessons it's learnt from previous encounters with people in that category.

The first category is 'like me, not like me?'.  Our brain says, 'is this person human or not human?' and tells us to act differently depending on whether the answer is yes or no.  The problem comes when our brain says 'like me' and therefore we act as if this person is EXACTLY like us.  Humans are more similar than we think we are, and less similar than we want to be.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why do people do strange things?
  • In what ways are people not like me?
  • Why is treating people like me a bad thing?


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