You don't have to say the word "feedback" to give feedback in the MT model. But we do recommend you ask first.

Lots of managers think that the first step of the Manager Tools Feedback Model, "May I give you some feedback?" is awkward. It doesn't feel like how they've done it before, or it feels too formal. They're afraid that their directs will think they're "trying too hard," or their efforts will be met with derision.

These fears are rarely if ever borne out once the manager tries delivering feedback. But we understand that many managers don't use the model because of fears of this type. This guidance is designed to help the manager who wants to give feedback, but perhaps wants to be a little more natural in his or her delivery. We still recommend asking first, and we'll explain why. But you won't have to say "feedback."

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Do I have to ask if I can give "feedback?"
  • Can I ask a different question?
  • Why do I have to ask first before giving feedback?

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