Part 3 of Dani's best management story about how she used the Manager Tools Trinity to terminate a poor performer in an organization where "you can't fire anyone."

We often ask at conferences if anyone has ever been told, "You can't fire anyone around here" about where they work. Every time almost everyone raises his or her hand. It's not limited to union shops, government organizations or academia where people have tenure. Across industries, across types of managers, across companies large and small, managers are told (and repeat!) over and over again that "they" won't let us fire anyone. When I was promoted to my first managerial role, I heard the same thing. And I'm here to tell you it's just not true.

The Corky Story is a true story about how I managed one of my first direct reports, Corky, who was not performing to standard. Corky was a longtime employee, had years' worth of strong performance reviews, and was protected status due to his age. He also played golf and socialized regularly with the COO. I was a new manager, much younger than Corky and new to the organization so I didn't have great relationships like he did. And I worked in an organization where "you can't fire anyone", especially someone like Corky.

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