This cast concludes our guidance on how to have project statuses reported and discussed.

At Manager Tools - and Career Tools - we LOVE projects. Effective managers are really good at managing projects. Projects provide a focus, an attention, that often regular responsibilities don't. We're not saying that projects are more important per se. [We do think that more important stuff gets put into project format, though.] Nevertheless, in the modern, less formal organization, projects are going to be how more and more work, and particularly important work, gets done.

So why aren't we all a lot better at them? Project management skills are some of the important operational skills that effective managers have. Too many of us don't handle projects well. We're too afraid to hold people accountable. We're too willing to be understanding. We're willing to accept delays early. We think that's okay...but those of us with lots of project experience's not. Early delays portend later failures.

One thing we CAN do is be more effective at teaching and handling project reporting. It seems simple...but it's a great tool used to improve more consistency in project work.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • What do I report to my project manager?
  • How do I ask directs for project status reports?
  • What do I do if my directs start to tell stories?

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