This guidance describes how to prepare for the inevitable loss of gadgets and gadget power, most likely on while traveling.

We did a cast once on having a printed copy at home of your professional contacts, and we got a SURPRISING amount of comments suggesting we were Luddites, that we didn't need to kill trees, that companies wouldn't do that, that you can just copy them onto other media for home. We're not Luddites, and at least one of us HAS been fired and had his laptop taken from him (stupidly). Thankfully, we also got SEVERAL mails from folks who offered their heartfelt thanks, because they did what we recommended, and then they got fired or laid off, and they had a contact list to reach out to because of our Luddite guidance.

And now we broaden that guidance a little, and recommend that when you travel, you prepare for the inevitable event that you run out of battery power for all your gadgets, and you need to be able to still get some simple things done. We call this cast Travel EMP after the ElectroMagnetic Pulse reward you can get in Call of Duty, a videogame, which knocks out all electronics. (And lest you think this is far-fetched, the former Soviet Union's fighter jets (the MiG-25 was particularly known for this, based on its design and one getting flown to Japan, as I recall, in a defection) actually were equipped with vacuum tubes to make their systems more resistant to the potential EMP caused by nuclear detonations, among other things.)

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Why do I need to print out my contacts?
  • Why do I need a telephone card?
  • Where do I keep my information?

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