This cast helps you deal with the situation when your boss finds faults with your work.

This is another cast which follows the theme of 'what we wish we knew when we were 20'. Apart from the robots on the line at car factories, no-one's work is perfect. Part of the reason we have managers is because they have more experience and can guide us to making our work better. For some of us, the criticism isn't delivered constructively and that is hard to deal with. With age and experience, we've learned the hard way how to deal with having our work critiqued. In this cast, we're going to give you a head start, so you don't have to learn the way we did.

We're not covering major deliverable failure here. In this cast, we're just talking about faults with your every day work. If you've missed a major project deadline, or received a below average performance review, this cast isn't for you. If your boss really does criticize undeservedly, then you need our Bad Boss cast. But don't leap to conclusions. Your boss might not be as bad as all that.

This Cast Answers These Questions

  • Do I have to take my boss's criticism seriously?
  • Do I have to apologise to my boss?
  • How can I make my boss stop criticising me?

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