This guidance recommends how to introduce changes in how you manage your team.

We had a conversation recently with a client who asked, what do I do to reduce the resistance my directs seem to have to my new way of doing things? He went on to say, I'm trying to change the way we do reviews, using some simple metrics, and I'm trying to put a budgeting process in place. But they just keep either not doing what seems pretty clear to me, or they just act like it's totally foreign and a bad idea.

We get this a lot. Look, sometimes it's just a manager blaming his team for being stubborn when in fact the ideas he's trying are just bad ideas. Those directs aren't resisting so much as standing up for the old, better way. But those situations aren't that common. What's common is a manager trying something new, something that probably will work, and having a plurality or a majority of her directs either playing passive aggressive, or maybe just plain aggressive.

What can we do to increase the chances that our directs are as receptive as they can be to our changes?

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  • When should I announce managerial change?
  • To whom should I announce managerial change?
  • How do I follow up on managerial change?

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